Tesseract Ignus

There is more to the world than can be perceived by the senses. | scope="col"|

  • Offhand, Focus Item
  • +1 Dexterity (per Tier)
  • +1 Intellect (per Tier)
  • +50% Resist Arcane (fixed value)
  • +25% Starting Action (fixed value)
  • +1 Power Regeneration (fixed value)
  • +2 Sockets
  • Usable: Mage

The tesseract Tesseract is an epic rarity item held in the offhand slot. It provides +1 dexterity and +1 intellect per tier as well as a constant +50% resistance to arcane, +25% starting action, and +1 power regeneration. It also has two sockets available as opposed to the usual one socket for offhand items. Only mages may use this item.

  • The flavor text "There is more to the world than can be perceived by the senses" is a reference to what a tesseract actually is; the 4-dimensional analog of a cube.
  • On each of the faces of the tesseract there appears to be a symbol, possibly of the different runes that can be acquired during the game.
  • May be a reference to the Cosmic cube, also known as Tesseract, in the Marvel Universe.

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