Achievements are challenges that a player can complete to unlock certain special items in the Emporium.

5 renownEdit

  • Deceiver - Use a scroll of deception
  • Victor - Win a battle
  • Enchanter - Use an enhancement item
  • Organized - Customize a bag's loot settings
  • Makeover - Customize a character's aspect
  • Connoisseur – Buy an item from Special Orders

10 renownEdit

  • Advisor - Gain a level with any character
  • Flawless Victory - Win a battle against 3 or more enemies without taking damage (note that receiving retaliation damage does not count as damage when determing if a victory is "flawless")
  • Fashion Conscious - Equip a full item set
  • Investor - Invest in a store category
  • Hide and Seek - Find a secret door
  • Great Wall - Use the Shield Wall skill and survive 4+ hits in one turn
  • No Stragglers - Use the Keep Up skill on an ally slowed by a Terrain condition(Loose Footing)
  • Share the Love - Use the Retribution skill to finish an enemy
  • Intermediary - Use the Intercession skill twice in one turn
  • Cheap Shot - Use the Coup de Grace skill to finish an enemy
  • Jumping at Shadows - Use the Shadow Shift skill to misdirect an enemy attack
  • Can’t Miss - Use the Point Blank skill to score a lethal critical hit
  • Third Wind - Use the Second Wind skill to revive allies twice in one battle
  • Stay Grounded - Use the Lighting Storm skill to finish 3+ enemies at once
  • No Messy Residue - Use the Disintegrate skill to destroy 3+ enemies in one battle
  • Mighty Blow - Kill a full-health enemy with a single attack
  • Two For One - Finish two enemies with a single attack
  • Wholesaler - Sell 75+ items at once using the Sell Bag Contents button
  • Pilgrim - Use a special shrine
  • Something For Nothing - Finish an enemy after triggering 'Free Skill'
  • Ghost - Complete a dungeon floor without fighting
  • Spendthrift - Amass 20,000 gold at once
  • Hoarder - Unlock all inventory bags

15 renownEdit

  • Atheist - Complete a campaign without using Restoration Shrines
  • Teetotaler - Complete a campaign without using consumables

20 renownEdit

  • Silent Partner - Take a store category to the maximum level
  • Exterminator - Kill all enemies on one floor of a dungeon
  • Cartographer - Completely explore one floor of a dungeon
  • Survivor - Play Act IV and pass wave 10
  • Best Dressed - Equip an epic item set

25 renownEdit

  • Terrible Trio - Complete a campaign with a party of three

30 renownEdit

  • Hardcore Campaigner - Complete a campaign with the Hardcore penalty
  • Veteran Campaigner - Complete a campaign on Veteran difficulty

35 renownEdit

  • Dynamic Duo - Complete a campaign with a party of two

40 renownEdit

  • Retail Mogul - Take all store categories to the maximum level

50 renownEdit

  • Mentor - Reach level ten with any character
  • Complete Act I - Complete Act I
  • Complete Act II - Complete Act II
  • Complete Act III - Complete Act III
  • Extreme Campaigner - Complete a campaign on Extreme difficulty
  • Complete Act V - Complete Act V
  • Guerilla - Play Act IV and pass wave 30 (above Beginner difficulty)

100 renownEdit

  • Commander - Reach level ten with ten different characters

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